Paper Stocks

gsm refers to grams per square meter, the standard measurement for paper weights.

80gsm Bond

80gsm Bond paper is commonly referred to as copier paper. It's uncoated and has a traditional paper texture.

100gsm Bond / Laser

100gsm Bond or Laser paper is suitable as a text stock for books. Can be printed in black, PMS or colour. Can be printed with offset or digital print processes.

Available as a recycled paper. 


130gsm Gloss or Satin / Matt Art paper is a coated paper. Suitable of full colour flyers and brochures, cost is very similar to 150gsm.

Similar weights are available as 100% and part recycled uncoated. 

150gsm - Standard Brochures

150gsm Gloss or Satin / Matt Art paper is a coated paper and is the standard for brochures or flyers. It's a good quality paper, about twice as thick as copier paper, and is commonly used for promotional material. 


200gsm Gloss or Satin / Matt Art paper is a thick coated paper. Suitable for slightly ticker brochures and A3 / A2 posters. 


250gsm Gloss or Satin / Matt Art paper is a thicker coated paper. Getting toward a card or cover grade weight. Ideal for covers of magazine style brochures, or as a high quality folded brochure. Also ideal for direct mail marketing material.


300gsm Gloss or Satin / Matt Artboard is a thick card used for covers, business cards, postcards and brochure covers.

Also available as a uncoated recycled paper.

Ideal for direct mail marketing material. Can be printed using digital variable data. 

350gsm - Business Cards

350gsm Gloss or Satin / Matt Artboard is a thick card used as a standard for business cards, postcards and book covers. It's a good standard weight that has good bulk and great as a business card.   

400gsm and 600gsm Duplex Cards

400gsm Artboard can be used in offset printing for business cards, covers, brochures etc. Increased cost may apply.

Also two sheets of 300gsm can be duplexed together to give a very thick, strong card. This process, whilst costly, gives a excellent high quality result. Two different coloured papers can be used. For special effects the paper can be triplexed to give a ultra thick, three layer business card at around 750gsm - 900gsm. For costings please fill out our custom quote form


Laminate Gloss or Matt

Gloss and Matt Laminates, also known as Celloglazing or Cello / Celloglaze. The laminate is a thin protective adhesive film applied to the printed sheets. It provides extended protection and a durable finish. This is ideal for business cards, menus, folders, covers.  

UV Spot

UV Spot is a gloss varnish applied to particular areas of a print job. It's applied over matt laminate, and has a slightly raised glossy effect. This is used most effectively on darker solid backgrounds


Foil printing or foil stamping is a process using a custom made metal tool to stamp your logo or graphic onto paper using a coloured metallic foil. Standard colours include metallic gold and silver, as well as blue, red, green, black and white foil. 

Raised Print

Raised print can be applied to business cards to enhance text or logos on your cards.   

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process using a custom made metal tool to cut out your printing. Sheets are punched out using the custom made tool. Ideal for custom shaped direct mailers, circles, presentation folders or hang cards. 

Folding / Gluing

All types of folding is available, from standard brochure folds, to gate folds and larger sheets like A2 crash folded to A4. Folders or direct mail material can be glued or have special cards applied if required.